Date Hall Name Sessions Recording Links
19-Dec'21 H1 Inauguration + HOPE Programme + PGCIL Award
19-Dec'21 H1 Key Note- 1:
Some Machine Learning Algorithms in Computational Biology
Speaker: Prof. Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay, ISI Kolkata
19-Dec'21 H1 Tutorial-1
SC: Prof. S. B. Nair
19-Dec'21 H1 Tutorial-1 contd.
19-Dec'21 H1 AGM IEEE-IC and Award Ceremony
19-Dec'21 H1 Key Note- 2:
Advancements & Translational Research on Imaging in Osteoporosis
Speaker: Prof. Punam Saha, University of Iowa
19-Dec'21 H1 Plenary Lecture:
IT+IT=IT: Inclusive, scalable and sustainable development for India.
Speaker: Mr. Dinanath Kholkar, Global Head, Analytics & Insights Unit, TCS
19-Dec'21 H2 Tutorial-2
SC: Prof. P.K.Das
19-Dec'21 H2 Tutorial-2 contd.
19-Dec'21 H3 Tutorial-3
SC: Dr. Nityananda Sarma
19-Dec'21 H4 Tutorial-4
SC: Prof. Hemangee K. Kapoor
20-Dec'21 H1 Key Note-3:
In-Memory Computing based ML Accelerators: Opportunities and Challenges
Speaker: Prof. Kaushik Roy, Purdue University, USA
20-Dec'21 H1 Session 1A (AI&DS) - 8
20-Dec'21 H1 Session 2A (AI&DS) - 8
20-Dec'21 H1 Session 3A (AI&DS) - 8
20-Dec'21 H1 Session 4A (AI&DS) - 8
20-Dec'21 H1 WIE Track Inauguration Session:Panel Discussion: Do women face Implicit Bias as a major challenge in their career?
20-Dec'21 H1 WIE Plenary Invited Talk:
Life as an IITian, an Academician, and a Business Woman
Speaker: Dr. Parvati Dev, CEO at SimTabs, Stanford University, USA
20-Dec'21 H1 WIE Award Session and Vote of Thanks
20-Dec'21 H2 Session 1B (PE&PE) - 8
20-Dec'21 H2 PGCIL-1 + Session 2B (PE&PE) -6
20-Dec'21 H2 PGCIL-2 + Session 3B (PE&PE) 6
20-Dec'21 H2 Invited Talk-1 + Session 4B (PE&PE) - 5
20-Dec'21 H3 Session 1C (CNI) - 8
20-Dec'21 H3 Session 2C (CNI) - 8
20-Dec'21 H3 Session 3C (CNI) - 8
20-Dec'21 H3 Session 4C (CNI) - 6
20-Dec'21 H4 Session 1D (DCS) - 8
20-Dec'21 H4 Session 2D (SPM) - 8
20-Dec'21 H4 Session 3D (SPM) - 8
20-Dec'21 H4 Session 4D (SPM) - 8
20-Dec'21 H5 Session 1E (CBBI) - 8
20-Dec'21 H5 Session 2E (CBBI) - 8
20-Dec'21 H5 Session 3E (CBBI) - 8
20-Dec'21 H5 Session 4E (CAES) - 9
20-Dec'21 H6 Session 1F (RC) - 8
20-Dec'21 H6 Session 2F (RC) - 8
20-Dec'21 H6 Session 3F (RC) - 7
20-Dec'21 H6 Session 4F Ph.D Forum
21-Dec'21 H1 Key Note- 4:
How to Look into the Box without Opening it: Active Learning for Hidden Query Extraction Speaker: Prof. Jayant Haritsa, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
21-Dec'21 H1 Session 5A (C&I) - 8
21-Dec'21 H1 Session 6A (C&I) - 8
21-Dec'21 H1 Session 7A (C&I) - 4
21-Dec'21 H1 Industry Forum:
Session Chair: Ms. Sudeshna Choudhury, TCS
Invited Talk: Value of collaborative initiatives of IEEE with Industry
Speaker: Dr. Surekha Deshmukh, Power and Energy Domain Consultant, TCS
21-Dec'21 H1 Sponsor Talk: How 5G is creating opportunities for a sustainable and futuristic society?
Speaker: Mr. Indrajit Sanyal, Head of Service Delivery, Ericsson
21-Dec'21 H1 Sponsor Talk: A Resilient and Smart Power Distribution System
Speaker: Mr. Sanjoy Mukherjee, Executive Director, CESC Ltd.
21-Dec'21 H1 Panel Discussion: Self reliant and sustainable employment: Challenges in Industry in post COVID Era
21-Dec'21 H1 Valedictory Function and Best Paper Awards
21-Dec'21 H2 Session 5B (PE&PE) - 8
21-Dec'21 H2 Session 6B (S&P)-7
21-Dec'21 H2 Session 7B (S&P)-6
21-Dec'21 H3 Session 5C (AMT) - 8
21-Dec'21 H3 Session 6C Demo
21-Dec'21 H3 Session 7C (AMT) - 5
21-Dec'21 H4 Session 5D (V&N)-7
21-Dec'21 H4 Session 6D (V&N)-8
21-Dec'21 H4 Session 7D (SPM) - 5
21-Dec'21 H5 Session 5E (DCS) - 8
21-Dec'21 H5 Session 6E (CBBI) - 4
21-Dec'21 H5 Session 7E & Invited Talk-2

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